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It’s one thing to write your book to position yourself as an expert. It’s something completely different to rise to the top of every Amazon category your book is listed in. When you Hit #1 in every category, you have incredible opportunities that other experts miss out on. 

Hit #1 on Amazon shows you exactly how to rise to the top of the charts in record time

  • Understand the three phases of a book launch and why knowing this has a huge impact on your Amazon position. Most authors focus solely on writing their book without considering what to do before, during and after it is published. In Hit #1 on Amazon you’ll learn exactly where to focus your attention to get the greatest results for your efforts. 
  • Learn the three most important things you MUST DO with an Amazon book listing to get the greatest results when someone searches out your expertise or genre. Most authors never focus on this and that’s why most authors never hit #1 on Amazon. 
  • Find out how to get a boatload of interviews to promote you, your book and your products and services (this one insight will be a game-changer for 99% of authors). 
  • Discover 20 ways to promote your book with one blog post. That’s right… ONE blog post you can promote 20 different ways to gain massive visibility for your book. Visibility that equates into book sales and higher rankings on Amazon. 

Kathleen Gage has consistently hit #1 on Amazon with her books. As a seasoned author, professional speaker and business consultant for conscious entrepreneurs, Kathleen knows the value of market position. In Hit #1 on Amazon, Kathleen pulls back the curtain and takes you step by step on what you need to do to get the greatest traction for your book efforts.

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